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Conferences & workshops

ASAME delivers a variety of conferences & workshops for businesses, schools and associations interested in offering to their members, students or employees an opportunity to reflect on their health priorities and take concrete steps towards a better health and wellbeing. 

The list of workshops and conferences presented here is not exhaustive. Contact us to discuss your needs! 

Eating patterns and School Performance :  is there a link?

This 1 hour conference was developed for parents and teachers, to share the science behind food choices and eating habits and their link to school performance in kids and adolescents.  


Healthy living - Healthy Heart!  

There is a plethora of evidence supporting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle combining physical activity, healthy eating and reduced stress on cardiovascular health. In this conference, we cover the science for a healthy heart, and give concrete tips for everyone to embark on a healthier health journey! We start by identifying in our daily life what are our pro-heart choices and our not so pro-heart choices, so we can focus on making the heartier choices more often! 


Spice up your life! 

This workshop designed for an adult audience, focuses on the science behind common and not so common spices and herbs. After reviewing their health benefits, we learn to integrate them in our kitchen for amazing tasty and healthy meals.  The workshop can be adapted for kids and adolescents to allow them to discover an array of flavors from herbs and spices, that have amazing benefits for their health, while being tasty, colorful and fun! 


Tailored-made workshop or conference

You are looking for a specific health and wellness topic to be covered. Reach out and we will let you know if we can help. We have access to an array of professionals with whom we can collaborate to build the exact workshop content you need for your business or organization. 

Get in Touch

Interested in organizing a conference or workshop for your school, business or organisation? Contact us. We would love to hear from you to better understand your needs 

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